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"A Touch of Class" is out!


New album in progress: A Touch of Class

Coming in 2015.

mp3: Country Music

Engineered by Clint Newman. Masterfully performed by Clint Newman (guitar, drums, shaker) and Bob van Pelt (bass). Interpreted and performed by Shannon McArdle, Shandelion Music (BMI). Lyrics by Michael Robbins. © Shannon McArdle & Shandelion Music; lyrics © Michael Robbins.

Fear the Dream of Axes

Released July 31, 2012 on Bar/None Records.

  1. Give Me the High Hat, Mister
  2. Tar
  3. Our Kind
  4. The Minor Incident
  5. mp3: Warden
  6. Stockpile
  7. My Kitchen Chair
  8. The Chase Scene
  9. Freighted Sky
  10. Adult Rated
  11. Decalogue
  12. Fear the Dream of Axes

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Adam D Gold at Oh Real Yum!, Brooklyn, New York.

Bonus mp3s: 

Blabber 'n' Smoke (Captain Beefheart cover)
Down from Dover (Dolly Parton cover)
Performed and recorded by Shannon and Philip McArdle in Tacoma WA, February 2012.


Summer of the Whore

  1. mp3: Poison My Cup
  2. That Night in June
  3. Paint the Walls
  4. Leave Me For Dead
  5. He Was Gone
  6. I Was Warned
  7. mp3: Summer of the Whore
  8. This Longing
  9. Come, Autumn Breeze
  10. C.A. DRL §170

Recorded and produced by Adam D. Gold.