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"A Touch of Class" is mastered! Thank you, Ray Ketchem. And thank you for everything, Clint Newman! This is as much yours as mine. ATOC on August 24, 2018

It's much too still, I hear no crying

Seems I've always had a weakness for dark, disturbing ditties concerning babies. They speak to me (the songs, not babies).  I've even tried my hand at a few. Perhaps the most delightfully dismal of them all is Dolly Parton's "Down from Dover." I suppose this is a cover of a cover, as I've had Marianne Faithfull's rendition on heavy rotation for a couple of months. Once again, all credit due to Philip McArdle. He even made my scratchy, hoarse vocals sound intentional. Philip, you're a wizard.

 Down from Dover (Dolly Parton cover) [mp3]

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