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"A Touch of Class" is out!

slow and steady "Country Music"

The new country record is coming along slowly at least, if not steadily. I am thrilled to have been asked by Michael Robbins to put his poem "Country Music" to music. I like to think  I've done it justice, though it has already been intimated by Michael (by "intimated", I mean explicitly and verbosely uttered) that "she doesn't seem to have put much effort into it". 

"Country Music" is a poem in Mr. Robbins' new collection coming out this fall, entitled The Second Sex. It promises to dazzle the shit out of you. In fact, just earlier this month during a visit to San Diego, I lent twin Philip my prized promo copy, and it damn near did not make it back to Brooklyn. "Country Music" the song will appear on the new record, but I promise you a sneak listen before then. Clint Newman is on engineering duty for the recording (as well as many other duties) while Bob van Pelt will man the bass later this month. Thanks once again, gentlemen.

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