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August shows in BK!

Thanks, Blurt!

Blurt Online was kind enough to share their thoughts on Fear the Dream of Axes, and luckily for us, they are rather favorable thoughts. Thanks, Blurt!


Whatcha doin' Monday night?

I know what I'LL be doing this Monday, August 6th at 7 pm.  I will be chatting with the folks from Salina Underground about the new record and heavens knows what else. Join us! Here's how:

Get on the world wide interweb. Go to (you can listen live in WMP, RealAudio or QuickTime). If you have other plans at 7 pm, you can listen at your leisure beginning Tuesday morning at:

If you're not familiar with Salina Underground, here you go!
Salina Underground is an indie / eclectic show airing on Cincinnati's WVQC, 95.7 FM.  Every Monday night from  7 - 9 pm Eastern, co-hosts Jonathan Goolsby and Alicia Inman join forces to become Kind of a Big Deal in Low-Power Radio. Jonathan and Alicia also write for The Lonely House, a scene collective and music blog.  Check out the latest from the Midwest:


Now, THAT was a cd release show!

A million thanks to those of you who came out on Tuesday night for the record release show. It was magical! It was lovely to have such a responsive audience and to be able to share the special date with you. Some video clips to come soon!


Tonight's the Night

Really looking forward to seeing you at the record release show tonight, 10 pm at The Living Room!

Magnet Magazine, thanks, for this lovely bit:


It's about that time!

Dear Friends,
I would be flattered and overjoyed if you'd join me in celebrating the release of Fear the Dream of Axes on Tuesday, July 31st at The Living Room. Adam D Gold, Clint Newman, and Bob van Pelt would love to see you there as well! We are on at 10 pm, and I am delighted to announce that Heyward Howkins is playing at 11 pm. You will certainly want to stick around for his musical stylings, as he simply never disappoints. His new release, The Hale and Hearty, is truly something to behold.
Oh, and if you still buy cds, I've got one for ya! 
Fear the Dream of Axes was in the making for quite some time, and we can think of no better way to celebrate than to be with all of you. 
The Living Room 154 Ludlow St.