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"A Touch of Class" is mastered! Thank you, Ray Ketchem. And thank you for everything, Clint Newman! This is as much yours as mine. ATOC on August 24, 2018

Show Tonight: Mercury Lounge (NYC)

Dear friends,

As many of you know, my new record, Fear the Dream of Axes, is coming out on Bar/None in July. The record perhaps can best be described as a menacing collection of twelve songs straight from the depths of my dark heart. But I digress. The time has come for me to get back on the show-playin' horse, and needless to say, it's been a while. I would love to see you at the Mercury Lounge (map) on Monday, May 7th. It's an early show, 7 pm, which you could fashion into a delightful after-work affair if you were so inclined.

The endlessly talented Adam D Gold, Clint Newman, and Bob van Pelt have generously agreed to make an honest band out of me. We'll be playing mostly songs from the new record, and would love to look out on friendly and supportive faces. You needn't do anything to convey your support other than attend.




Upcoming shows

  • June 3 at Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn) with Heyward Howkins of The Trouble with Sweeney
  • July 31 at the Living Room (Lower East Side, NYC) 10 pm RECORD RELEASE SHOW!

It's much too still, I hear no crying

Seems I've always had a weakness for dark, disturbing ditties concerning babies. They speak to me (the songs, not babies).  I've even tried my hand at a few. Perhaps the most delightfully dismal of them all is Dolly Parton's "Down from Dover." I suppose this is a cover of a cover, as I've had Marianne Faithfull's rendition on heavy rotation for a couple of months. Once again, all credit due to Philip McArdle. He even made my scratchy, hoarse vocals sound intentional. Philip, you're a wizard.

 Down from Dover (Dolly Parton cover) [mp3]


Clean up the air and treat the animals fair

I had the pleasure of visiting my twin brother Philip and his beautiful wife Andrea in Tacoma, Washington a couple of weeks ago. It was cold, it was gray. It was the perfect opportunity to record some covers of a couple of songs for which Philip and I both have an affinity. Both suited the weather rather well, too. Recording and instruments, real and manufactured (with the exception of the tambourine) credited to Philip.

Blabber 'n Smoke (Captain Beefheart cover) [mp3]

 Another cover coming imminently.


New album: Fear the Dream of Axes

Oh my goodness, the long wait for the sequel to Summer of the Whore is nearly over. My new album, Fear the Dream of Axes, is coming out this July on Bar/None Records. Just like last time, the magical Adam D. Gold produced the record at his Ohrealyum Studios. I'll have mp3s and more details soon.

Adam working his magic...

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